Here at Usedbyte we value hard work.  That is why we have projects.  We try to make things that help people, some do, some don't.  If you find a good use for one of our projetcs (besides being a cool desktop image) please post it on our forum!


VWOSO is a Virtual Web Operating System Offline.  It is made in HTML and is totally customizable.  It is open source, too!  It is meant to be used as your home page to do work online.  Then when you are done you can put it on your flash drive and take it with you.  Now,  it evens support multiple users!


Mike TimeOhio Portable is a download that lets you keep track of your favorite basball game's scores and it lets you update it so you be sure of the score at all times!


Calc is a DOS style program with some pretty cool features.  It features a calculator, number game, and a random ,almost pointless, feature that you have to see for yourself.